#81410 Badzilla, RC Pro


Product Info:

This 1:14 (13.5″) scale, 2.4GHz radio controlled Badzilla has one speed: FAST!  Equipped with dual track drive, Badzilla floats like a butterfly, and then stings like a bee as it tackles most any terrain.  Pivot steering delivers super sharp turns as well as crazy-fast 360° spins.  Badzilla gets its powerful punch from its hardy 12.8v Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery.  Battery pack, charger, and transmitter batteries are included.

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#81410 Badzilla, RC Pro

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#81410 Badzilla, RC Pro

Ages: 8+

Battery Requirements:

(1) 12.8V Lithium for Vehicle
(2) "AA" for Transmitter


  • Full Function Radio Control
    • Forward/Reverse Driving
    • Right/Left Pivot Steering
  • 2.4GHz Technology
    • Longer Range
    • Faster Response
    • Internal Antenna
    • Race Up to 6 Vehicles at Once
  • All Batteries Included
    • Powerful 12.8v Lithium Ion Battery
    • 12.8v Battery Charger
    • AA Batteries for Transmitter